Friday, December 15, 2006

Sushi Sushi

We've been eating some days at a nearby cafe-style eatery called 'Gimbap Nara ' (딤밥나라) - 'gimbap' translating as 'Korean sushi' - though they serve a mean rice-stuffed omelette which makes for a good functional lunch at about £2.20 (4,000 won). They even deliver, and of course as is usual in Korea, at no extra charge.

From it's appearance and informal interior I'd taken Gimbap
Nara to be just another owner-run shop, but it turns out to be part of a huge chain. And it has a couple of rivals.

It may be a sign of my having been in Korea longer now, but I'm beginning to recognise the chains - perhaps moving closer the day when one bit of Korea feels just like another!

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