Thursday, March 08, 2007


Sometimes when you're living in another country it's the small things which the locals might be oblivious to that really stick out. The other day, on our way through one of the central coastal districts of Busan (Yeongdo), we drove past Hanjin shipyards where a new ship was being built - right next to the road. It wasn't clear what type they were building, but it was very large - and only looked even bigger when driving almost underneath it's stern.

In the UK, while there is a shipbuilding industry, like most industrial operations it tends to happen a safe distance away from residential and commuting districts. Certainly, I can't imagine anyone building a supertanker next to a main road. But it's a fact of life in Korea that the longer you've been here the more you start to expect to wander through a residential or commercial district and suddenly find something that looks completely out of place, or rather, something that should be placed as far away from the rest of the population as possible. Still, it did make for quite an impressive sight.

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Anonymous said...

Or you go to the extreme of Airbus and driving wings through a narrow farm road to get it onto a barge for final assembly.

(Just saw that on some Discovery channel show a few days ago)

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