Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I discovered after yesterday's trip to the orthopaedic hospital that I had a physiotherapy session scheduled for today as part of the 'package', so even though I felt a lot better I thought I ought to attend.

Twenty minutes of heat treatment to my neck and shoulder later, I was beginning to wonder whether it was such a good idea, considering the burn marks I felt sure would be on my back once I got up from the table (and there were). But worse was to come - as I once again felt the massaging pads I'd first experienced last year molecularly bond themselves to me - followed by rather more pain than I would personally choose to experience. As my shoulder and neck began to spasm uncontrollably the physiotherapist offered to turn up the setting, which I declined to some laughter on her part, and a sense that I had let the side down on mine. Sorry England - there's only so much I'm going to put up with in the name of public relations and diplomacy.

Because I'd had this before, I knew what I was likely to look like after the treatment - but it was further up than last time, and I didn't appreciate that with the weather being mild I wasn't going to be able to hide the after-effects under a winter coat. And this is what the damage from the top two pads looks like:

I still went to eat lunch with Korean Parents afterwards but now that I've seen myself in the mirror I think maybe I'll stay in for a couple of days.

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