Friday, June 08, 2007

*batteries not included

We went back to the hospital today and my wife was spoiling for a fight over not being allowed to stay with me to translate with the physiotherapist, but for whatever reason the officious nurse was no longer officious and so I was finally able to understand what course of treatment I was getting and what to do at home to help bring the swelling down in my foot. I suppose it was an anti-climax after getting myself properly psyched up to try and communicate a little bit more meaningfully in Korean, but then I wouldn't trade my health just for a bit of language practice so I wasn't sorry.

Because full communication was now possible, there was something of a minor revelation though regarding - of all things - the tape that the physiotherapist had used to tape-up my foot. It seems that the hospital don't provide this very basic piece of kit so he has to provide his own - could we possibly buy some and bring it for him to use next time we came?

So while I've generally been impressed with the state of healthcare in Korea, this small issue taken at face value seems to suggest that all may not be so well for the staff that work within the system. Even the UK NHS hasn't quite got to the stage where you have to bring your own bandages.

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