Friday, August 17, 2007

Happy Feet

In Chinese medicine, good health begins with your feet. In Korea, Western medicine is practised alongside Chinese methods, so perhaps these slippers discovered in Korean Mother's apartment should come as no surprise. Each raised rubberised area along the inside corresponds to a particular area of the body, which is explained in writing. The idea is that by walking around with these on inside your apartment you are massaging your feet in all the right areas to improve your health. However, while they are very light, they are not very comfortable. Much like acupuncture, I suppose you have to suffer for your health sometimes here.

Korean tags: , 건강

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Anonymous said...

I had something very similar to these years ago - though probably much heavier as they were more like Scholls (translate those!). Whilst they did take a little getting used to, they had the added benefit that, after wearing them for some time, when taken off even the most basic floor covering felt like cashmere!
Don't knock it 'til you've tried it (though I wonder how many years you have to wear them in a controlled experiment kind of way, before certifying them absolutely beneficial to your health?!!)

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