Monday, September 03, 2007

Rumble Fish

Can anything surprise you after witnessing Korea's ESPN showing a fight between two bulls for entertainment? Possibly, how about a Saturday evening televised fish fight?

Allegedly this is supposed to have some educational value, but the on screen graphics, slow-motion replays, dramatic build-up and a hundred young Korean women voicing their 'wooos' and 'ahhhs' in unison suggests that this may be more for your viewing pleasure than anything else. Actually, I say that you can hear a hundred perfect young female 'wooos' and 'ahhhs' but I hear these on so many programmes I'm beginning to think it's either an audio track, or all Koreans - including the men - sound like this when sat in TV audiences.

And today I woke up to a cockfight:

The fact that this is shown at possibly more educationally-compatible 09:15 on Monday morning as opposed to 22:30 on a Saturday night might provide some hope that this is not just some spectator sport, but unfortunately the camera panned out to reveal a Korean country fair of some description, and the cockfighting was evidently one of its entertainment features. I half-expected to see Borat commentating.

Korean tags: 교육, 싸움, 동물


ZenKimchi said...

A friend of mine used to teach one of those people who go "Wooooh" in those shows. The guy got paid 2,000 won an hour.

Yeah, he had to audition for the job.

Mike said...

Astounding snippet of information - I thought it was a bit of a coincidence!

Anonymous said...

that's the comedy channel, not ESPN...

Mike said...

Yes, it was the bull fighting that was on ESPN, not the fish.

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