Saturday, March 01, 2008

Main Street on the March!

One day you'll be walking down the street in Korea, and it will be the usual mix of noise, diesel fumes and advertising boards as far as the eye can see, and the next it will be the same, with the addition of Korean flags everywhere. Putting flags on almost every lamppost seems like a major logistical exercise, yet it seems to happen instantaneously whenever the occasion demands it. I can only imagine that men on the back of Bongo trucks drive up and down the streets at night quickly slotting flags into their slots while the driver barely slows down.

In addition to the flags on the streets, they are also hanging from houses, apartments, shops and they appear on buses - outside and inside.

The occasion - this time - is the anniversary of the March 1st Korean Movement, and involves a range of events in addition to the overnight speed-flagging of the country.

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Charles Montgomery said...

That explains it!

I just landed in Daejeon last week and thought, "man this is a patriotic city, never seen this in Gwangju or Seould."

I guess I just missed the patriot-days

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