Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cut: Site Change

I've changed the design of this site for the first time since I began writing it in 2006. I've always been more concerned with the content than the layout, but I want to do some new things now which the old design wouldn't support, and I'd run into some problems with my old template which were messing up the fonts on some of the posts.

So sorry about that, I hate it when website and software designers change things and tell you it's for the better because it hardly ever is, but I take comfort in the fact that there are so few people reading this blog anyway it should pass by largely unnoticed :-)

Due to the wonders of web standards and lack thereof, the site now looks slightly better in Firefox, Chrome and Opera as opposed to Internet Explorer, and I've tested it under Windows and Ubuntu but not Mac OS (apologies Mac fans). If there are any obvious problems - let me know.


Mosh said...

I really only read it via my feed reader, but I'm happy to see I now get the full post in there rather than just he first few lines :)

Mike said...

Yeah - who visits web sites any more anyway? :-) I've changed the RSS feed to full so I hope that's more convenient.

Mark said...

Looks good Mike. Nice that those browsers that are otherwise unheard of in Korea are getting a fair shake by your site. I wonder what sort of catastrophic security flaw they would have to find in IE for Korea to even acknowledge there are other browsers available.

Mike said...

Thanks Mark. The unfortunate thing is that many Koreans have difficulty upgrading to the latest versions of Internet Explorer because some badly designed sites only work properly with older versions. I think the Korean Government is slowly waking up to the idea of how far they've jumped into bed with one vendor, and perhaps the North's 'Red Star Linux' rollout might even provide the South some pause for thought. I believe if ever there's a serious cyberwar fought by governments or even people South Korea could be on its knees within hours - which is bad for all of us.

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