Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Deconstruction of Falling Stars

I have to admit that almost two years after leaving behind my corporate existence in favour of becoming a stockmarket daytrader I'd rather lost track of the passage of time. I knew the day would probably come when my having a Korean girlfriend would probably necessitate a stay in Korea, but it was a bit of shock when that day came all too soon. Suddenly I was faced with the task of selling my house, car, and generally deconstructing my complicated life into a simple form which could be packed into a couple of suitcases and relocated half-way around the world.

I decided at some point that I would keep a blog of my stay as a way of maintaining my sanity and letting my friends back home know I hadn't been arrested. Despite the fact that my addiction to the web began at the improbably early time of 1994, I'd spent the twelve years since largely avoiding making a public spectacle of myself - at least not globally anyway - and I'd always found people who were willing to slightly suspect. It is therefore, highly likely to be a sign of my deteriorating mental state that I now find myself committing things to the public record, where previously my mantra had been to leave no evidence.

I'm actually leaving for Korea on October 12th. I'm starting this blog early in order to amuse the reader with what promises to be an increasingly complex mix of fear, panic and crisis as it becomes ever more apparent that I have absolutely no chance whatsoever of getting everything done in the time available.

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