Monday, September 25, 2006

Barbarians at the Gate

I couldn't marry my girlfriend in the UK so the potential circus that is a Korean wedding has loomed on the horizon for some time now. Her mother has consulted a fortune teller and booked our wedding for the 7th January, this being apparently an particularly auspicious day. I really don't have a clue.

Weddings always struck me as a monumental waste of money and effort, so I always wanted a quiet one with an intimate gathering of close family and friends - there's nothing intimate about attending something with the same size crowd as a football match. However, I fear events are already out of my control and I will spend the next three months being lectured about 'face' as the size of the guest-list grows, despite heroic efforts on my part to invite no-one at all due to the ill-health of my parents and the distance of my friends. Unfortunately this makes me look like an orphan, which seems not to be a good thing in Korea.

I'm sure my own 'face' must be at stake as well, except when there's a chance that on a bad day my condition might see me staggering haphazardly down the isle, it's hard to have any to start with.

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