Sunday, September 24, 2006

Missing Link

Long before my trip to Korea loomed large I decided to look for Korean blogs to read which would give me that on-the-ground feeling of living in a country, that is otherwise hard to get from culture books and general websites.

Aside from not being one for writing blogs, neither was I much one for reading them either, so it took me some time to find blogs I wanted to read regularly. I looked for blogs which stayed on topic (apparently not as easy as it sounds) and which were coherently written, perhaps even with a dash of dry humour - it's a British thing, live with it. I finished up bookmarking several, reading them for a while, and then ignoring them for a few months because I was just too busy doing other things, until coming back to them a few days ago. Two were still active, another seemed to have lost all its Korean content when the writer left
Korea, and the rest had disappeared completely.

This left me pondering the nature of blogs, especially those written by people about a particular place which they don't intend to stay in. Should blogs, like their owners, be merely transient, and if so, what is their purpose? Perhaps these are impossible questions to answer but I'm very disappointed how easily such interesting writings can vanish in the Internet world.

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