Sunday, November 12, 2006

Keimusho no naka

When I got here I was fairly busy for the first several days, and I put this down to our need to buy furniture, see people and generally settle in. What little free time I had after this was consumed with blogging and learning Korean, and I've only managed about seven hours of the latter so far. Only nine of the nineteen trading days have ended up being full days - the rest succumbing to various trips or family vists.

We've been so busy in the last week that there's been no free time at all and I've found myself not really keeping up to this blog for the first time, which is a shame because there's been a lot to say and it tends to get lost when I only write about them several days later. Such is life.

Having been away since Friday at a fireworks festival and then a trip to Namhae, I've finally returned home - hopefully to a slightly less hectic week ahead. What I'm learning though, is that life in Korea, surrounded by Koreans, is lived at a frantic pace - and there may never be much let up.

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