Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Spectacle Maker

A pair of glasses in the UK will typically cost in the region of £130 from a high-street chain like Specsavers - and possibly much more. I'd been promised cheap prices in Korea, so while I had no urgent need to change, I mentioned to my girlfriend this afternoon that I might look for something during the week.

Half-an-hour later we're at a branch of Davich, and fifteen minutes after that we've bought a pair of rimless frames that cost 30,000 won (£16.89), and 40,000 won (£22.53) for the lenses. Total cost - £40. In the UK, I think the cost would have been about £150, and they'd have charged you for 'extras' such as 'anti-reflective coating'. The Korean lenses include anti-reflective coating, U/V ray protection, and 'electromagnetic wave' protection as standard. OK, that last one sounds completely ridiculous I know, but that's what they said.

And they'd be ready in an hour. They're sorry it couldn't be sooner but rimless frames take a little longer. Well, it would have been at least a week in the UK, maybe two.

Unfortunately, we couldn't pick them up today though, as we had to get home for the start of London trading.

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