Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Shinku chitai

We have a one room apartment. It's not very large. Even so, the task of crawling around on hands and knees wiping the floor every day, as is expected in Korea, has finally proven a little too much for us - not that we really kept up the regime in the first place. That's a problem because while we've always endeavoured to keep the room reasonably clean - you know that one of the first things your Korean friends do when they come in is a quick hygiene audit.

So we succumbed and bought a cheap vacuum cleaner, and are finally able to reach those previously hard to get areas such as under the bed. We even run it over the room every day now, and we intend to keep up to this, at least until the novelty wears off. Somehow though, the flooring still manages to pick up dirty smudges here and there - cause unknown - and so we still have to do the hard scrubbing work sometimes.

In retrospect I wish we'd bought the vacuum cleaner when we first arrived, but it didn't seem like essential equipment back then. I'm not completely convinced it's hygienically necessary now, but it has proven to be a socially necessary addition to our apartment.

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