Friday, January 05, 2007

Wedding Crashers

I came to Korea with my girlfriend and we planned to get married. I wanted a quiet ceremony because none of my very small circle of family and friends are able to attend, I wish to embarrass myself in front of as few people as possible if I have a Meniere's attack, and I didn't want it to turn into a circus that would leave everyone more stressed than they already were. So Korean Parents invited 600 people.

They say that girls start planning their wedding from the age of five, but while I didn't start thinking about such things until I was about twenty-five, I still developed some ideas of my own about the way I'd like the ceremony to be, the rings and other arrangements. Of course, in marrying someone there must be compromise, but the problem was that that I ended up not getting a vote. In Korea, parents organise the ceremony and so it was out of my hands from the start.

While I can tell you that the arrangements have been fraught with tension, even I don't know the full story because my partner chose not to tell me the details of much of what has been said. Knowing the
'Korean dramas' which unfold regularly in family life here I have the notion that it's been something of a war zone. My Korean Parents just don't understand why I appear to be such a problem. Of course it was because it was meant to be my day, and somewhere along the line it became theirs. This is just the way things go in Korea.

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