Tuesday, January 30, 2007


By an unlikely and complicated series of events my partner ended up with her brother's phone for a few days - and vice-versa. It turned out that Korean Brother is a very popular guy, because through each afternoon and evening it seems like it's been ringing about once every ten minutes, and when it goes unanswered, the inevitable text message arrives instead. It seems he has about 60 contacts in his phone book, and judging by the deluge of calls I can only imagine that most of them have been phoning. For the first time it occurs to me that there comes a point at which one can have too many friends in Korea - making impossible to do anything else - if only through constantly having to answer the phone.

The thought is academic however; I have no such friends in Korea, which in a Catch-22 way means that I (a) don't need a phone, and (b) won't make any Korean friends on the basis that no-one wants to know anyone who's so strange as to not have a phone...

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