Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dangerous Ground

The first time I saw a person with a disability dragging himself along the ground in a crowded market place while people awkwardly stumbled around him I was shocked. I described what I witnessed but it was one of those times when I didn't reach for my camera out of a sense of respect. But when I encountered the many homeless people in Seoul I started to question my existence in Korea, and whether I was here just to take happy tourist photos to play along with my hosts, or whether I should try to reflect some of the realities here, no matter how uncomfortable or potentially irritating to the locals.

Someone once wrote that the older he got the more he had no more answers left, only questions. I have no answers to this either but I took the shot this time, because beyond the LGs and the Samsungs and the bright neon-lit cities there are other realities on the ground in Korea.

Korean tags: 사람, 가난하다, 빌다

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