Thursday, October 11, 2007

High Note

It must be the season for wind instrument concerts; a week after the pan flute concert we were at a different venue to see an ocarina group performance, by probably Busan's only ocarina club.

The format was a mix of group and individual pieces and a guest spot by another group (our Panharmonic friends) - much as we experienced before. Another similarity was the lottery based on ticket numbers that was held at the end - with various types of the instrument in question being won. I suppose this potentially goes some way to attracting new members.

There were frequent changes of costume to match the theme of the pieces being played, a samulnori song complete with cries of '대한민국!' ('Republic of Korea!' - yes, that World Cup 2002 football chant that refuses to go away), and an ocarina-backed poetry reading which was different.

I don't know whether it was the high pitch of the ocarinas or the sound system in the theatre, but after we left it was a few minutes before I could hear properly again.

Korean tags: 음악, 출연

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