Tuesday, July 24, 2007

After the Rain

According to the weather forecast last night the monsoon season has now officially ended. And did I notice? Hardly. There have been a few wet days, and some periods of heavy rain, but otherwise it's been the usual story of heat and oppressive humidity, irrespective of whether ominous grey clouds hung overhead or blue sky with bright sunshine seeking to burn those of us who are melanin-challenged. I'm told that this year's monsoon season here has been unusually dry. Ironically, it's been wetter back home where flooding has been causing an increasing amount of chaos.

At the risk of annoying everyone I know back in the UK, I will miss the rain here, because the little we saw at least provided a refreshing respite and now that it's gone we have to face the 'even hotter weather' which has long been threatened. Sure enough, today was certainly unpleasant.

But whereas our near street-level apartment is often uncomfortably stuffy at night, it has transpired that Korean Mother's place many floors above ground is pleasantly breezy after dark - a fact no doubt helped by the presence of windows at both sides unlike our 'one-room' box. It's something for me to bear in mind should I ever find myself hunting for apartments here.

Korean keywords: 날씨, , 아파트

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Aaron said...

Oh, monsoon season, we barely knew ye.

That's a very ominous picture you've there of Songdo, by the way - very cool, but ominous.

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