Friday, July 06, 2007

Notes from the Underground

Here's a tip if you're ever in Korea. Getting drunk with your friends on a subway train, and singing loudly to the captive audience about your desire to get Korean girls out of their panties amongst other things is a mistake, particularly if they end up on Youtube, because even if they are removed they might end up appearing on a Korean TV News website, as happened today. And just in case you're in any doubt about those lyrics, YTN have helpfully - although predictably incorrectly - subtitled them. He's not going to stop until the "Korean bitches get wild", just for information.

Allegedly, and I have to say this because one gets the impression that the Korean media's ability to be factually accurate may be open to question, there was also a clip showing a waitress being sexually harassed amongst other efforts at imposing some cultural awareness on the local population. I'd say it would put attitudes towards foreigners here back by some way if they didn't already seem at rock bottom.

It also seems to have made it to a number of Koreans' blogs. Prepare to be hounded out of Korea.

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