Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Typhoon Usagi

Typhoon Man-yi brushed by Busan earlier this month, but by all accounts we saw the worst of the weather before we left for Seoul. Typhoon Usagi on the other hand, is currently forecast to hit Busan almost directly on Friday morning. We're supposed to have an appointment Friday lunchtime but we're moving it up to Thursday just in case, although forecasts being what they are, a lot could happen between now and the end of the week.

Korean keywords: 날씨, 태풍


Lee said...

Is the Weather Underground site your primary source for weather news? I have yet to find a reliable weather forcast source. I was using weather.com but their info. seems inaccurate about half of the time.

As to Usagi: it looks like it is now predicted to hit Japan and turn north, which leaves me simultaneously relieved and disappointed. We don't have typhoons back in the states and I'm curious.

Mike said...

I use Weather Underground (WU) to track hurricanes/typhoons due to possible effects on the international financial markets. Other stock market traders I know seem to use this site as well, but WU focus on the US and their excellent blog commentaries are quite limited when it comes to Asia. In my experience storm forecasts lack a sufficient degree of accuracy about 50% of the time, but that's in the nature of the beast I suppose.

I don't know how WU shapes up as far as normal forecasts are concerned because I don't use them for this.

I think I'm too near the sea here to feel disappointed that the forecasts are now suggesting that Usagi might largely miss us!

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