Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bomnaleun ganda

It's spring, officially, as of Sunday actually. So messages went up on the doors to some buildings and peoples' apartments welcoming in the season. Unfortunately they are written in Chinese characters so I've no hope of reading them. My wife translated them as "Now that spring has come, I hope all our plans and business will blossom". Or something like that! There's more to the message, but it's difficult to understand; Koreans do not read Chinese easily. It's something along the lines of "Your parents will live long and lots of fortune will come to your family generation by generation".

Mysteriously, it also got warm on the same day, after feeling very cold for the past two months. Maybe those Chinese messages actually work. And I don't just mean warmer, I mean actually warm. The weather widget on our computer desktops says 15 degrees and "haze". A few more degrees and it will be t-shirt weather again, which is a bit worrying; if it's this warm now - what's the summer going to be like?

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