Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mystic Pizza

After my earliest experiences with Korean pizza, I soon formed the view that I was unlikely to ever find any here that were like the ones I used to eat back home. I couldn't get over the lack of sauce and the over-abundance of invariably spicy toppings, and pine for a simple ham or chicken based pizza - and not the dark-grey gristle chicken (which I've dubbed 'mystery meat' due to its lack of resemblance to any chicken I know) that seems to make its way into some of the toppings locally.

Although I've grown used to regular orders of not-quite-Pizza
from one of the hundreds of local takeaways, I've just had a breakthrough. I've discovered one of my locals, actually a branch of Pizza L'ange (slogan - 'happiness and amazing') has this unlikely looking potato and sausage-based affair which is deceptively tasty. It's not quite what we'd have back home, where I'm not sure anyone's thought of putting potato on a pizza before, but it's on a par with it. Apparently these sausage-crust pizzas are quite popular here these days, even though it's the first time I've come across them. As for potatoes however, it seems like every other pizza here has various kinds of potato topping, if not - and even worse - sweet potato.

It's going to make a nice change from my regular diet of rice, mandu (만두), hoddug (호떡) hoppang (
호빵) and odd bread products from Tous les Jours. I may be fat when I return to the UK.

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