Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dead Man's Shoes

It's become a habit. Walk into a house, take off your shoes, walk into a Korean restaurant or any of a number of other more traditional settings, and off come the footwear. And yes, I've been in a photography studio where I had to put on my shoes to walk six feet from one area to another... about six times. How I laughed.

Koreans are so used to constantly putting on and taking off their shoes that their purchasing of said items tends to be at least in part based on how quickly they can be removed. But I'm rather attached to my trainers/boots
with their laces that my feet have to be persuaded to sink into and leave. So I'm always struggling in some foyer somewhere to get myself suitably attired and catch up to everyone else.

I had the task of cleaning and hoovering the floot of the apartment today while my wife was out, and I was suddenly gripped by the strong urge to put my shoes on a run around the apartment like a child for a couple of minutes before cleaning up, but I resisted. This may be a sign that subconsciously certain things about Korea are beginning to get to me, even though I actually think the footwear rules here are a pretty good idea.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of customer service, you need to hook up with Seoul hospitality.. :0


God, yesterday was ugly on the markets.

Mike said...

Hmmm... I've never been given anything 'service' - maybe it's because I'm British though :-) Actually, it's probably because I have my Korean minders with me so it would be brave of someone to sneak by them and talk to me.

Looks like I didn't need that trip to the temple to see about my FTSE shorts after all - but I closed them too early in the end. I had to watch the Dow through to the close though... so I stayed up until 6am. A disadvantage of being a trader in Asia! Really tired today.

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