Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Mystery of the White Car

Our friend has spent some money upgrading her family's new car. Her birthday was coming up so my wife asked her for ideas on what to buy as a present. The friend suggested a remote central locking system that can also double-up as a car locator for those times when you can't remember where you've parked.

So I think to myself, come on, how big a problem is losing your car in a car park? Well, the answer hits me today when we're out with our friends with their car for the first time. They've got a white Hyundai Avante. And how many white Hyundai Avantes are there in a country which almost exclusively only buys Korean cars, most of which seem to come in a choice of only four colours? Answer - too many. Yes, losing your car is a big problem in a car park here, and you may very well find that car locator tool coming in handy.

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