Sunday, October 15, 2006

2 Days in the Valley

Electronics Delivery
As promised, our new TV, phone, kettle and microwave were delivered today. The delivery guy set up our TV which of course is taken as read here. I was warned that we only had local cable here in our apartment (it comes with the rooms and is a mandatory £2 a month on top of the rent), so I watched with increasing interest as the automatic tuner picked up one channel after another until it reached 60. I saw CNN in passing, some relatively new Western movies with Korean subtitles, and rather too many Korean dramas and what looked suspiciously like different versions of the local equivalent of Candid Camera on several channels.

Furniture Shopping
We went out furniture shopping with Korean mother, and it was a sight to behold. I know there'd been some haggling in the electronics store yesterday but today she seemed in rare form as she negotiated two small desks below the price they were selling at second-hand in a nearby store, and in the second-hand store negotiating the taxi fare off the price of a small chest of drawers when she found out they couldn't deliver that day.

I Can See My House From Here
In response to request from back home to find where we were on Google Earth, we eventually found our building (I think) after a considerable amount of time looking; my girlfriend wasn't able to identify our district easily from the air... I have to say our area of Busan looks like a bit of a dump from space but it really isn't when you're on the ground - at least not to my eyes. To be fair, it's got chaotic and narrow streets which remind me of Hong Kong and maybe that's too much for some people, but it's a novel change from back home.

Sense of Direction
I'm beginning to get my bearings here now and could probably find my way back home within a one mile radius. My girlfriend's sense of direction has always been really poor on the other hand, and it amazes me that it never occured to me while in England that she might be as bad in Busan. We may get seriously lost soon...

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