Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bank Shot

I opened an account with my local branch of Kookmin Bank because I thought having a local credit card would be better than a UK one on which I'm constantly paying commission, but things didn't really turn out as expected. I could only have a debit card which was fair enough, but it was a Maestro card which I'd only vaguely heard of; my debit cards in the UK were both Visas.

My name turned out to be too long to fit on their computer so they could only squeeze it in by omitting the space between my surname and forename. I thought it would look pretty strange on my card but I needn't have worried because I got a card with a number on it but no name. OK, I have a pin but it seems like a bit of a security risk.

I went across the road and we asked an electrical store if we could use the card to pay there and they said no - so I ended up buying with my UK Visa card anyway. I fear my banking experience with Korean banks is not destined to be a happy one here.

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