Friday, October 20, 2006


I want to explode the myth of Korean broadband. Although my mother seems to picture me in some native village going to the stream every morning for water, the image most people in the UK have of Korea - technical people anyway - is of how technology orientated this culture is and how superior their gadgets tend to be.

It's only a few weeks ago that a Gadget Show presenter raved about the 100Mb Internet connections here, but I was disappointed to find before we got here that our apartment building could only support 10Mb because it was old. That's the same speed I had in the UK. To be fair, my connection in the UK was one of the fastest around, whereas my connection here is pretty average - but that's my point - it probably does represent the average - so it's not quite the technological paradise we were led to believe by our own media.

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Don't forget that in the UK, it was widely trumpeted that we could get 25 Mb broadband but that was only for a select few too.

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