Sunday, October 29, 2006


Tesco Home Plus is of course, not like Tesco in the UK, and you'd probably have guessed that before you got to the isle with the live tanks of crabs and fish for sushi. Despite this, it is eerily familiar with the same colour and design of price signs and Tesco Value-brand packaging on certain ranges. Of course, the Korean half of the arrangement meant my girlfriend got her new jeans altered by the staff while we ate lunch, and the staff-to-customer ratio seemed to be about one-to-ten even though the place was packed. Staff parked at the end of various isles harassed customers with special offers and invites to try things which wouldn't work out in Tesco's domestic market.

Lunch was good value as I've come to expect here; a meal for two cost about £2.80. I ended up with a chicken dish designated as 'Western food', so I got a knife and fork. It's the first tie can land me I've picked up a knife and fork in two weeks and I was rather shocked to discover that I felt rather clumsy using them. I ended up eating some of it with chopsticks anyway.

I didn't leave with the impression that
Tesco Home Plus was particularly cheap - nor did it seem particularly extensive as far as the supermarket food was concerned; there seemed to be more lines of clothing than food to buy. But some things are international; we can land a man on the moon but we are still unable to design a shopping trolley that doesn't develop at least one dodgy wheel within its first few months of life. It was just like being back home.

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Anonymous said...

Awful. You go abroad to get away from Tesco.

What country will be next? I hope that Australia and New Zealand keep them out for good.

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