Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Am a Camera

I clearly didn't think through the implications of starting a blog. I've harboured increasingly unlikely ambitions of becoming a writer ever since reading my first Haruki Murakami novel, but despite having a lot of ideas and experiences over the years, I rarely put pen to paper, so all I have to show for it are a few semi-completed short stories and as sense of being intellectually poorer for the experience.

Novelists often get the accolades but I have great respect for journalists, who are expected to write great material to tight deadlines at inconvenient times. No luxury of writer's block for them. This impression was only further emphasised when a reporter for a Japanese newspaper related some stories while staying at my house last week (although I also now find the profession rather depressing).

Blogging is like journalism. My natural instinct is to wish to write interesting and insightful articles, but what I'm more likely to end up with is dry, factual material because my life is chaotic and I'm too busy or tired to think.

Much like my Japanese acquaintance, I wanted to write, not to be a photographer. But in a multi-media world photographs are a minimum requirement, so much as he reluctantly carries around his camera I realise so must I if I am to better capture the essence of Korea and compromise with the medium. I don't really mind so much, but I'm slightly annoyed with myself that I didn't think this through earlier, because it was always going to have to be this way.

So, in the middle of the chaos of preparing for my move, building work, visiting friends, illness and other tasks, I researched cameras, and bought a Canon IXUS 800 - cheapest online retail price £240 - for £178 from Canon's Outlet Store on eBay. Traders, eh? So now there will be pictures... eventually.

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almostwitty.com said...

You could have bought one duty-free of course. OR a cheaper one. (or you could have had my old one!) ;-)

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