Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Bang is Korean for room. So you have your PC Bang where Koreans play video games or obsess over their Cyworld existences, Norae Bangs where people go to sing, and the location of last night's entertainment - the DVD Bang.

For about 13,000 Won (£7.25) three of us watched Inside Man in a six foot by nine room with a 60" screen parked in front of us and an amazingly comfortable couch on which to sit. In fact - the couch was so wide you could have called it a bed of sorts.

Now it turns out, perhaps predictably, that DVD Bangs can serve a dual purpose for the Korean couple seeking some hard-to-find privacy where they can make out. In fact, this principle is understood so clearly by many of the DVD Bangs that they go so far as to provide a variety of wet and dry tissues as well as a large bin for cleaning up any bodily fluids afterwards... and staff members dash into a room when it's vacated armed with serious-lookng cleaning products. Our DVD Bang didn't seem to obviously provide its own toilet roll, though their were a few tissues, so my girlfriend suggested that this might be one of the stricter ones.

I think we'll be going back to DVD Bangs in future, because it's a lot better than going to the cinema - but I think we need to choose our particular DVD Bangs with care.


Onur said...

Hey Mike,
referring your comments on the DVD bang, what kind of privacy can one have? I mean, is it like Big Brother watching you or nobody cares what you do in the room?

Mike said...

In theory I think nobody cares what you do in the room. In practice, I wouldn't like to guarantee that you're not being filmed. So keep in mind if you have any interesting interactions with your partner there's just a chance you could unwittingly become a Korean Internet star...

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